Dragon Marine Service

DMGroup, provides Worldwide one stop marine services since 2004. We are the global provider of spare parts, technical services, ship repair, maintenance solutions and ecological solutions to the International shipping industry.

Our customers include ship owners, ship management companies, shipyard operators and engine builders worldwide.

Our main objective is to earn the position as your preferred and reliable one - stop supplier and problem solver, and aim at standardizing processes and aligning product ranges and services at the highest quality in order to live up to your expectations when you do business with us.

Our desire is to offer you a global coverage without compromising the local service and human touch, which is the hallmark that has formed Dragon Marine Service, serving ships of every kind in more than 60 ports worldwide.


Services & Solutions

Marine Supply

  • Extensive spare parts stock for 2 stroke and 4 stroke Diesel Engines from Genuine Makers & Licencsee Factories.
  • Spare parts stock located in 3 countries, P.R.China, Rep. Of Korea and Turkey
  • New Building Initial Supply.
  • Warehousing, Logistics, Agency Support.
  • Turnkey Solutions Supply/Service for Dry Docking, Provision, Stores, Safety and Gmdss Services.

Marine Services

  • Dry Dock Service.
  • New Building Site Team Arrangement.
  • Voyage Afloat Repair.
  • Vessel Pre Purchase Inspection/Survey.

Eco Solutions

  • Ballast Water Treatment Equipment Sales, Installation and After Sales Service.
  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Equipment Sales, Installation and After Sales Service.

Engineering Solutions

  • 3D Scanning & Design.
  • Trouble Shooting Solution.
  • Main & Aux. Engines & Boiler & Propultion Services.

Dragon Marine Service WHY US?

We want to create value for our customers based on our unique experience and capabilities in ship supply; procurement, spare parts handling, storage, sales, and a wide range of quality marine products.


DM Group is committed to implement and maintain an effective and most efficient Quality System that embraces all facets of its objects and can cope up with all of our valuable customer’s demands.

DM Group services ships of every kind in more than 60 ports worldwide. Every task carried out, every decision taken - small or big – is deeply embedded in the values and business conduct of our company: high ethics, human touch, innovation and dynamics are the cornerstones of our business practice.